What is Faith Promise Giving?

Faith Promise is… 
agreeing with God that He loves the world and wants every person to have an opportunity to respond to the Gospel of Christ.    It is an agreement you make with God to give financially by faith to worldwide missions.  It is a promise made to God to give as He provides a certain amount over a specific time period (usually a year).  It requires faith because you are trusting God to provide these funds in various ways, often unknown to you at the time.

Faith Promise is… 
believing that God’s resources are unlimited and that He wants to provide the money needed for this global project through His church.  Therefore, it is giving not merely from one’s own resources but from the resources of God; not only from what one has, but also from what one does not have.  Giving to God’s work requires us to agree with God that all people-groups and nations of the world must believe and receive Jesus to be saved.  When we give, we are giving from God’s unlimited resources since everything we have and receive is from His hand.

Faith Promise is… 
praying, seeking for an amount which God lays upon your heart, then committing yourself to give and passing it on to the Lord’s work as He provides.  It is not simply what you think you can do, but rather what you believe God can do and wants to do through you as a channel of supply to evangelize the world.  Making a faith-promise commitment requires trust—or it wouldn’t be faith!  Real faith-promise giving is to commit what we have, knowing God will supply that which is lacking.  This often involves sacrifice and dependence upon God to provide all our needs day by day.

Faith Promise is… 
a voluntary commitment to God.  It is a commitment made to God to give to worldwide missions through our church on a regular basis.  Since it is a personal commitment, you are totally responsible to God.  You are making yourself available to God to be a channel of supply through which He can provide money for His cause of global missions.  We know from the start that there is a cost involved in preaching the gospel to every creature.  Will you let God use you to share in this most important mission?

Our Missionaries

North America

David and Laurel Bobbitt

Church Planter-New Jersey

Larry and Dawn Brinker

Aviation Missions

Matthew and Colleen Dundon

Missionary to the Deaf-Philadelphia, PA

Kyle and Kristi England


Good Samaritan Ministries

Richmond, VA

Jonathan and Tina Gorman

Church Planter- Colorado

Karen Leger

New York City, New York

Lighthouse Legal Ministries


Jehovah Jireh Ministries


Roundup Ministries

Kevin and Loretta Walker Family-Evangelism

Central and South America

Thomas and Frances Bruchie


Mark and Emily Mariner


David and Kelly Owens


Tim and Brittany Pontius


Resurrection Baptist Seminary

Dominican Republic

Lucien Saul


Coy Shaw


Jeffrey Traver


Mike and Sandy Todd


Michael Veasey



Daniel and Raquel Akuokoh


Nao Andre

Ivory Coast


Son Chau


Mike and Nancy Grove

New Zealand

Patrick Melton


Samuel Owens

Republic of Georgia

Mike Schell

Micronesian Islands


Peggy Cadwell


Although her husband graduated to heaven several years ago, we continue to support Mrs. Cadwell for her faithfulness to the Lord.

Gage and Aleah Gilbert


Stephen Messersmith


Jonathan Owens


Jonathan Stover


Please note: We support other missionaries whose names cannot be listed here for their security.